Focus Areas

New Part Manufacturing new


 GBR Riverdale takes pride in producing products

Overhaul Repair Service

Overhaul & Repair

We understand the challenges of restoring equipment and components

Special Process Support Services

Support Services

We appreciate specialized suppliers in modern supply chains

We seek family-owned or closely held businesses without a succession plan

  • Midwest based

  • Demonstrated track record of stable profitability and growth

  • Annual net profit of $500k – $3M

  • Established customer base with no single customer larger than 25% of sales
  • Retirement-ready or have a partner that is

  • 1-3 years from retirement seeking partial liquidity and additional day-to-day leadership

  • Seeking a new challenge

  • Searching for a partner to take business to next level

GBR invests in businesses we can understand, be passionate about and complements our operating companies