What is GBR Riverdale?

We love family businesses because we are one.

GBR Riverdale is a Quad Cities based acquisition-oriented company with a passion for lower middle market manufacturing, specialized service and industrial environments. GBR invests in profitable, well-established companies with strong cash flows operating in niche markets. Our business model focuses on the long-term building upon the strengths and legacy of already successful companies.

GBR Riverdale was founded to build a better future for our families. We take the long view and sustainably invest in our businesses and employees. Our intent is to continue to build the company so we can pass it along to the next generation.

Core Values

Employee Safety: Everyone deserves a safe work environment

Operational Excellence: The production floor is the heart of the company and how we keep our commitments to customers

Integrity: Always do the right thing

Customer Service: We are the Customer Service department

Family: The reason we work so hard


The Logo

GBR Riverdale was founded in 2019 by Michael Kelker and named after his daughters:

Gretchen, Bridget & Rachel

Through the assistance of a graphical artist, Michael took one of his favorite photographs and incorporated it into the business logo.

If you’re wondering where Rachel is on the left, she’s with her mother, Katherine (who took the picture), since she was still a baby. Luckily, the artist was more than willing to draw her in!

kelker riverside pic logo